Organic vs. Non-Organic Food

organic foods

I have been reading a lot of positive information regarding the health benefits of organic food as opposed to non-organic food. Some of the research I have done mentions how the use of certain pesticides on conventional crops could pose some very serious heath risks such as learning and developmental disabilities in growing children and puts people at risk for growing various types of cancer.  Another area of concern is that animals on non-organic farms are being given antibiotics which in turn show up in the food we eat.  This is an area that wouldn’t be applicable to my daughter and I due to the fact that we are vegans and don’t eat any dairy, fish, or meat, but I think about my husband and others I am close to and worry about what continuously ingesting antibiotics can do to their immune system and overall health.  Another disturbing tidbit of information I recently read was that contaminated sewage sludge is being used as “fertilizer” to grow non-organic crops. For these reasons alone, I have decided to buy as many organic foods for myself and my family as are available.  My husband recently sent me a link about a family who was tested for pesticides after eating solely non-organic foods and the results were astounding.  I have attached the video below for you to watch.  Well, what is your take on organic food?  What research have you found to support or to not support eating it?  I would love for your feedback.

Blessings, Kimberly Burkel

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