Eating Healthy When Away From Home

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Sometimes, it can be so hard to find healthy whole plant-based foods while traveling.  My family recently went on vacation to a popular place (that I won’t name) and there was hardly anything for my daughter and I to eat (my husband still eats meat and dairy on occasion).  I kept thinking to myself, “Why are the odds stacked against those wanting to eat nourishing whole vegan foods?”  Almost everything offered at this place was processed junk.  Options like fried foods, candy, and chips were everywhere, yet I couldn’t manage to locate a single piece of fruit!  Luckily, I packed a backpack full of food as an emergency backup plan incase something like this would happen.  Fried foods, processed foods, meat and dairy are in abundance which is why disease rates and obesity keep rising, sadly.  Fortunately, there are ways to eat healthy when traveling and visiting certain types of restaurants.  I’ve outlined some healthy choices you can make when away from home.

Italian Restaurants:  pasta with tomato sauce and steamed vegetables (hold the parmesan and always ask if there is a whole wheat option); garden salad with balsamic vinegar; veggie pizza with no cheese

Mexican Restaurants:  beans and rice (make sure nothing is refried); veggie fajitas topped with avocado, lettuce and tomato (hold the cheese and meat)

Asian Restaurants:  vegetable sushi roll; steamed vegetables over rice (brown if available); steamed tofu and veggies; fresh vegetable spring rolls

American Restaurants:  salad loaded with vegetables and served with balsamic vinegar; plain baked potato with a veggie burger (make sure it’s dairy free); veggie sandwich (whole wheat bun with lettuce, tomato, and onion- pretty much a burger without the meat)

 Salad Buffet Chain Restaurants:  as many plant-based foods as you want

*If staying overnight at a place, I usually order plain oatmeal with fresh fruit for breakfast.

Even though it can be a challenge to order healthy options when away from home, there are ways to steer clear of processed foods as well as meat and dairy.

Blessings, Kimberly Burkel

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