Minimalist Beauty Supplies

I’m definitely not the “average” girl.  I don’t have makeup, perfume, nail polish, hair supplies, and beauty creams crammed under my sink (my husband is VERY thankful for this 🙂 ).  I have found that “simple” works best for me and definitely makes for getting ready quicker, especially when having two children. My minimalist views extend to beauty as well.  Less is more.  In my personal opinion, a woman who looks natural is far more beautiful than one who cakes on makeup.  I want my made up face to look only slightly different from my bare face.  I also don’t want to mess with a bunch of beauty supplies.  I feel the same about my clothes as I do my makeup and beauty enhancements.  Each is valued and treasured.  I choose my purchases with thought and sometimes by doing research.  When choosing a nail polish, I usually go with a classic color such as red.  My makeup colors are very neutral.  They go with just about everything.  I use a blush that I apply on both my eyes and my cheeks.  I go with only a base liquid and skip the powder (I once read that powder dries out the skin and makes a woman look older).  I have two shades of lipstick.  One is a very nude color, while the other is more of a cranberry.  My makeup consists of only two more pieces- black eye liner and mascara.  As for other products, I have one lotion, one perfume, one hair tie, one hair brush, a blow dryer, and two irons (one for curling and one for straightening).  I used to get my hair done at the salon, but about a year ago, I started to color my own hair.  After some calculations, I found that by coloring my hair, I was saving our family close to $1,000 a year!  Downsizing your beauty supplies may be hard at first, but embracing the concept of “less” makes for a more manageable and less stressful daily beauty routine.

Blessings, Kimberly Burkel

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