Simple Ways to Save Money

My husband and I were blessed to have discovered Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace course.  It has made such a difference in the way we manage our money.  Since completing the class two years ago, we have been able to pay off all of our debt and to budget for expenses on a weekly basis.  We are currently in the midst of paying off our house!  It is such a huge accomplishment and is not all that hard to do if you stick with a plan and are diligent about it.  Getting started really requires letting go of the desire for material possessions and preventing yourself from indulging in the impulse purchases that you may be used to making.  It’s really a freeing experience because you find yourself no longer tied to things.  And, paying down the debt as well as saving is quite addictive once you get started.  Below, I’ve listed some of the simple ways that have helped us save money.

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My Money Saving Tips


Hello!  I’m excited to share this blog post, because for the past year and a half my husband and I have been saving, investing, and have paid of all our debt except for our mortgage, which is in our near future!  I would like to let you all know that you don’t need to earn a ton of money to be financially successful.  Being frugal I found is the key to getting out of debt and to saving and making money.  My husband and I follow a wonderful financial guru named Dave Ramsey.  He is the reason why we are in the place we

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