Minimalist Baby Registry

When my husband and I found out we were having our first child, we were so thrilled!  We couldn’t wait to go and register once we knew we were going to have a little girl.  But, before we headed out to the store, we had to figure out what we needed.  Never having had a baby before, we were clueless as to the items the baby would actually get use out of.  Naturally, we asked others and looked online to see if we could find some registries posted.  Once the baby got here, we found we had registered for so many things we actually didn’t even need.  Now, that we are expecting baby #2, things are a lot easier and we have only the essentials. Being the minimalist family we are, we kept only what we knew we would use with our second child and donated the rest.  If you are looking to downsize or to become a family with less, I’ve included a sample baby registry just for you!

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